CUSTOM PLAN DESIGN WORK - Initial Stage Services

Your Custom Home Plan


We collaborate with you to create a complete babyset of plans. This includes floor plans, elevations and a site plan to depict utilities, driveway, pools, outbuildings and any other relevant site factors that may affect pricing.

3D Cabinetry Design


We'll collaborate with you to create a custom cabinetry design & appliance configuration that fits your needs, budget & lifestyle! The purpose of this step is to establish scope and capture all the details necessary for proper cabinetry, granite & appliance budget planning.

Let's Talk Product Selections


Let's face it, there are a ton of choices out there! We'll educate you on current trends so you can make decisions on the finishes  and selections for your new home. Using an electronic 3D model, we can accurately measure so reliable budgets can be established.

Site Planning & Evaluation


Every homesite is unique! We'll help you evaluate your lot to determine proper house placement and evaluate site conditions. Factors such as water/sewer availability, driveways, utility availability & access and plan for other relevant site factors such as grade, pools, detached garages or sheds, etc. that may affect pricing and/or feasibility.

Estimations & Budget Creation


Now that you've taken the prudent step to develop proper floor plans & elevations, site plans & define the desired scope and finishes, it's time to crunch the numbers! With all the facts gathered, our team will collect the necessary material & labor quotes to determine a reliable contract price and allowance budgets to build your NEW DREAM HOME!

Decisions, Decisions!!


You now have all of the information necessary to make the best decisions for your construction dollars. Price a little high? We'll help identify ways to scale back! Want some changes? We'll work with you to assess pricing and modify accordingly. Ready to build? We can help with that too! Click HERE for more info on Final Stage Services.

CUSTOM PLAN DESIGN WORK - Final Stage Services

Let's Lay It Out - The Survey!


Hooray! You've decided to move forward with Final Stages Services! We'll work with the builder of your choice to survey the property to understand lot boundaries as well as utility & other easements. We'll establish & capture house footprint, setbacks and other site requirements associated with the project such as planned fencing, concrete and other flat work as applicable.

Construction Docs & Permits


We'll work with the builder of your choice to prepare & print final construction documents for submittal to local code authorities for permitting. These construction documents include a final set of construction plans and specifications for your home as well as any engineering review & seals that may be required to obtain proper permits including building & health permits as required.

Lender Scope & Contract Package


We'll work with the builder of your choice to develop and submit the lender scope & contract package required to apply for lender approval. This package includes everything the lender and appraiser will need to know for loan processing and appraisal purposes such as the contract price, the allowance budgets, the full set of plans and the intended scope & finishes of the home.